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It's been almost two weeks and here I am.. so last Sunday we my hubby and I decided to go out on a date with my brother and his girlfriend. our date was to an amusement park! Everything was fun because we were going to get on a ride that is kinda new and we personally had not got on it. We  were super excited we waited more than an hour to get to this ride that obviously doesn't even take 5 minutes and BOOM you are out lol... Anyways I went from an Amusement park to the ER!! during this ride and bumped the back of my head when the cart turned around.. It was horrible..

I began with a headache and I just ignored it :(.. I know I did wrong I should of gone ASAP!!! well I waited to go till the third day and that was because I had really strong headaches and feeling dizzy. It was really strange because I rarely have headaches. So I went to the ER and the DR told me I was lucky I didn't knocked out in the ride. That thanks to the BUN I was wearing it saved me lol..."Thank…

This weekend of good-bye

This Saturday was the last day for my mother in law to stay here with her family. It was time to leave to El Salvador where my husbands' family is from. It was really sad for them to see her go. After staying for almost three months the biggest joy was that she got to spend time with her family and mostly spend time with all the grand children including meeting our little one. It was so nice to see she was super excited to meet our lil one for the first time. He is the only little boy in between of 4 little girls. So he is literally the only boy lol... It was super cute..  We spend so much time together catching up and just talking it was nice to talk to her in person more than chat. We all get to talk and share thoughts and ideas..

This is my little munchkin. It was funny a random guy just saw us and started yelling "DODGERS" lol I had not notice my son and I were wearing our Dodger sweaters lol... Daddy is the only one that doesn't really go for them so that is w…

Its Summer!!!

Hello and Good morning hunnys... How is everyone's summer coming along? Well let me tell you about my experience as a first time walker baby mom. Last year this time my son was 4 months...all he did was sleep, eat, and poop literally!! Now almost 16 months you could only imagine. Up and down, walking, running, pointing, crying, eating, pooping, wanting things, tantrums, and much more. But even like that I couldn't imagine my life without him! He is such a wonderful little person that stole my heart since day 1. Anyhow I haven't updated this blog in a while. and I have no excuse its just that my baby needs me more than ever and this is why I have decided to also blog about my adventures with my little family. Mostly for when he grows up I can share these with him <3...

This past week this is what I have been doing...besides cooking and cleaning and doing some errands. Lately it has become walks to the park and having mini pool activities with my son and husband. While he…

Where Have I been?

Where Have You been at? Well nice question to ask :-)...
Hello Triguenistas and welcome once again to my blog! I want to take a second and Thank all of my visitors and people that have commented on my blog! THANKS A BUNCH!

Well I been up and down now that I am in vacations! I love to take some time off from school and work and just be with my little family!  I really want to present my family to you, but that will come soon! I also want to start Vlogging! Its just kind of hard because I am a really shy person and sometimes is hard to take criticisms that I am not used to.  Well where Have I been you may ask? I been mostly going to Long Beach all this time because my mother in law is in town now :)..We are glad she has met our little bundle of joy which he is 15 months already! Unbelievable how time sure flies. I also want to be blogging more often during this time that I am off from work. Sure every time my lil munchkin lets me.

I have so many ideas that I want to do and create for …

Sorry......Im Back!

This is how I been feeling lately.... Literally I have no time to do anything now, I've been working two jobs now... come home to mommy duties which I absolutely LOVE!! Anyway I want to share with you some things that have happen during all this time I've been gone.. First things first... My sons Birthday/ was better than I expected.. All my family and in-laws where with us in this special moment for my hubby and I!!!
We decided to have his party themed Baby Mickey....This is my outcome :D Party Tables... I really loved his Table. As you might of seen on the post before I talked about some of the things I was going to have for him...
Had 2 cakes one for his Birthday and the other one for his baptism! we had a wonderful time... He had a blast too.. Now we are thinking for his second birthday theme party...Still thinking about it...I was wondering if you lovely readers would help me?? Any suggestions Let me know... I love to read comments Leave them Below... P.S. Thank you…

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG

This is a tag post. thanks to Dani from Song of My Sole for tagging me!

1.You must copy and paste these 'rules' onto your post when you write it; it doesn't take long!

2.You must state that this tag was created by 'The Beau Bow' and link

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4.Title this post 'The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG' so everyone knows what it is about.

5.Have fun! :)

1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do.

I know im super bad but taking care of my face, cleaning it, taking care of it, moisturize it..ugh i have a difficult time with that.

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

I try to…

Sugar & Spice BoxVox 2013

Hello and welcome Sweet Trigueñistas
Once Again I have qualified for the Sugar & Spice Box Vox from Influenster, and guess what?
I received it already!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

When Influenster email me, telling me I was receiving my 2nd voxbox I was super excited! this is my second box I receive from them. I have to admit I liked this box better than the first one.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits $3.99 for a box of 5 packets of 4 buscuits. These buiscuits are delicious, they do not taste like any protein, healthy snack! I was glad to that tastes like a cookie and nothing healthy because I have to admit some healthy food just doesnt work with me. I will be definetly be buying more of these :) the best thing this is a good source of fiber and Vitamin B. It doesnt contain any fructose syrup which is the best! 18-20 grams of whole grain! 
Nectresse $6.99 for 5.9 oz contaiiner, or $3.99 for a box of 40 packets I really liked these pr…


Comming soon: Sugar N' Spice Vox Box ;)

Munchkins Bday Party Post

Hello and Good Morning Triguenistas!! Ive missed blogging and reading your comments which I really appreciate :D

Usually I wont be posting things about my personal life but I am super excited as a mommy. My lil one is turning 1...Can you imagine?? His first year of life...I am in love with life, my family, the poeple that surrounds me, supports me, he made me look at my life way differently..ok ok ok...I know I am a sentimental mom..that's just the way I am lol :,D

Ok so I am planning his 1 Bday party BUT is not till April :(... WHY??? Because I am planning both his baptism and bday and they only had till April..And with economical situations I rather save and do 2 in 1..So this is what I have so far :D

I am doing The Mickey Mouse 1St Birthday Theme. Just because he is in LOVE with Mickey. He loves to watch the shows and stays there really calm and starts dancing to the "Hot Dog Dance" lol...Its sooo CUTE!

I have the Table Cloth, Invitations, Bib, and High Chair Decorati…

Quick Post

Hello and Good Morning my sweet triguenistas! Thanks for stopping by and take a minute of your busy schedule to visit me ;D I will be writing about some stuff I did over the weekend! Which I know it already passed :D first things first

I have to tell you about the Montagne Jeunesse Pulped pomegranate Passion Peel off..
Step 1: Wash your face
Step 2: Apply the masque
Step 3: Relax 15-20 mins
Step 4: Peel Off

what it does? (This is what the package says) "Pulped pomegranate passion flower raspberry, grape, cranberry and vitamin E are anti oxidants that help protect skin while pores get a deep clean  peel-off"

I personally love this masques! They make my skin look better than before :D...This one I couldn't smell the pomegranate and all the berries, I would of prefer the smell a little more stronger! This masque doesn't make your skin feel really tight like others! I really liked it


YES YES! My lil fam was going for 49ERS... They lost :( but it…

Meanwhile in the valley...

HELLO my Triguenistas!! I missed you sooo much! I just want to once again welcome my new followers! Thank you soo much for your support and for subscribe to my blog..Thank you very much :D...

I live in the SF Valley and during the weekends I hate being home... I do really and Its sooo boring when I do lol... Well this weekend I visited a mall near me and well I kinda went shopping :/ lol
I am a Chicana girl, born in Cali and parents from Mexico I am not afraid or embarrassed to let you know where I came from I like to keep it real. So you could know a little bit more about myself, I am into Chicano art and all that good stuff. I used to shop a lot on this store bcuz they would carry these types of shirts, but now they renamed it or something went on and renamed the store.. The point is that I shopped this:

They had a special If you bought a shirt the other one would have a 20% off. So I bought 2 Regular price is 24.00 and the other one came out to 19.22

 I am really into sugar skulls,…

2nd V- Day N.O.T.D

Hello Triguenistas!! First of all I want to welcome my new followers! Thank you for following my blog :D I really really appreciate it <3...

Well another NOTD Sunday triguenistas! I am not going to lie lol! I did them last night while baby and hubby were asleep!

Both Products by OPI Sealed with a Krish is by the Kardashian Collection and La Paz-itively HOT (LOVE this pink) <<<< I used the dot tool to do the little hearts on my ring finger 1. Start off with three little dots 2. Conect right and left dot with the bottom dot 3.try to give it form as a heart shape <3

And wooaallaaaaa...This is the result... I have to admit that my left hand fingers were total disaster but i tried my best bet is to ask someone to help you lol.... Dont forget Sweet Triguenistas to follow me on twitter, Instagram links are at the right side of this page:D...I would love to hear some feedback from you guys! Thanks for stoping by and visiting me:D Till then toodles!:D<3

First V-Day N.O.T.D

Good Morning Sweet Triguenistas! How is everyone doing this morning? well during this month and next month before Valentine's day, I will be posting different Nail of the day designs. heres my first one. V-Day Half Moons! 1.) I applied Passion by OPI to all nails. Step 2: Applied La Pazitively Hot polish This was my result of the half moons!
I try my best to keep my nails done but sometimes is jutst impossible for me LOL..Are you guys ready for valentine's day?  Leave me your comments remember I LOVE TO READ COMMENTS!! What do you guys think about a GIVEAWAY?? let me know and we'll see about a giveaway soon :D
Till then we will read each other soon:D

Product Review

Hello Trigueñistas, How is the weekend comming along? Tomorrow Monday again UGH!!! Well I am writing this post because I am reviewing the Chocolate Montagne Jeunesse Face Maks!
I must say that during the winter time my face gets really really dry! and I HATE it!! if I put make up or anything you can right away tell all the dry spots on my face (EWW). So I decided do use this face mask and try to see how it goes! This one is called Chocolat Masque it deep cleanse your pores (which is wonderful)it contains; dead sea salt, cocoa butter, shea butter and leave for 15 minutes and WOALA!!!! the smell is sooo YUMMY!!! you get to be smelling like Chocolate for 15 minutes! I usually like clean my face after I shower. I do not use the soap I use for body or shampoo to clean my face! I've known people that do this and I recomend not to do it. Just because sometimes these soaps are just too rough on the face.. I am 100% satisfied with this product! I Loved it...I feel my skin so soft and clean…

First HAUL

Hello fellow readers and HAPPY SUNDAY!! So this is my first Haul I ever make.. Recently I am thinking about trying new products since I want to get out of my comfort zone and try new stuff to review and let my readers know about them! Ok so this weekend I bought stuff from Walgreens, Target, and a General Discount Store.
GENERAL DISCOUNT STORE 1. NYX Eye Shadow Base $5.99 2. NYX Dramatic Sparkle $5.99 3. NYX Matte Lipstick Natural $3.99 All Products on my hand. For me these are all new products I'll be testing an soon will complete a review about them. So far I like the matte lipstick I am used to the lip glosses and I really don't wear lipstick. But now I am noticing that when I wear makeup I don't really like my lips to be naked, so I am going to try and add some color to it :D.. TARGET Bic: I have always used the Venus Razors But now I am going to try the Bic and see the difference of it. Bic Soleil: $5.79 Satin care: $0.97 (first time trying it) Secret $3.59 (LOVE IT…