It's been almost two weeks and here I am.. so last Sunday we my hubby and I decided to go out on a date with my brother and his girlfriend. our date was to an amusement park! Everything was fun because we were going to get on a ride that is kinda new and we personally had not got on it. We  were super excited we waited more than an hour to get to this ride that obviously doesn't even take 5 minutes and BOOM you are out lol... Anyways I went from an Amusement park to the ER!! during this ride and bumped the back of my head when the cart turned around.. It was horrible..

I began with a headache and I just ignored it :(.. I know I did wrong I should of gone ASAP!!! well I waited to go till the third day and that was because I had really strong headaches and feeling dizzy. It was really strange because I rarely have headaches. So I went to the ER and the DR told me I was lucky I didn't knocked out in the ride. That thanks to the BUN I was wearing it saved me lol..."Thank goodness girls have lots of hair" he said. If something like this happens do not do the same mistake I did and wait.. Go to the ER because head injuries are really serious!
In the other hand I been feeling much better. Its taking me a while because I still have headaches and a small concussion.
We have been trying to forget about this incident and take our soon out to play!
Love to see them bond and Now I see that soccer is on his interest too! Daddy is a major soccer fan and does not miss his Barcelona Games on TV! It was hard for me to accept this because I dislike soccer but with time I have accepted it just because is better for me and our relationship!
This is what my summer has consisted off. My family time, my motherhood, staying home and enjoying these last weeks of vacations! I really hope to share with you great news soon!


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  2. Oh God!Hope you are ok!

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