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This year I have decided to post my blogging goals for this year! Just because other years I write them down and... Really I do not do anything, I've been thinking maybe if I post it I will be more committed to do them! I am a girl that is shy and doesn't really like to get out of her comfort zone.. This year 2014 I personally have learned that I am not here to please other people by the way I am, think or act! I am here I am Me, Myself and I... It is always good to be a little selfish sometimes and do what you are pleased. My point of this is because I want to try new things.
Blogging goals for 2015
☑️record first YouTube video ☑️post outfits of the day ☑️motivate myself/self Love ☑️grow my blog ♥️ ☑️be more active in my blog ☑️meet new people/blogging community  ☑️showcase photography (better my skills) ☑️be more organized ☑️share my blogs in my social media including my personal page ☑️be more active in other blogs
At the beginning of every year we also as a family like to set goals fo…

NOTW: Mommy Time

It's so hard for me to get back to my routine.. Now that I have two children I think more of them rather than myself. But the other day I was thinking of what color to paint my nails. I wanted another color besides red! Because during these holiday seasons red and gold are the most common during this time of year. I thought of let it snow song! In my vision I thought of a Blue or Navy blue nails and ring finger nail white! For some reason, I found this blue and glitter nail polishes.. While I was painting my nails and both of my kids sleeping Painting and letting my nails dry one at a time because I was afraid one of my kids was going to wake up LOL, I thought to myself this is my version of Elsa nails! It reminded me of her for some reason! Not only my toddler is obsessed with Frozen but apparently I am too..

Christmas Tree finally up!

So is that one time of year almost everyone is excited for Christmas or the Holidays! This year I was not feeling so Christmasy I would say! Just to think I just had a baby which he is 7 weeks young and a toddler that wants everything and I thought maybe is not a good idea for me to put the tree this year. but then again I've been seeing so many Christmas movies and everywhere we (my family) go I see the tree up. I have to admit I felt I was being a little Grinch this year!

I have never felt this way before. In my house I have always been the one wanting to put everything up. There are time that I think to myself what has happen to me this year! I just feel exhausted. Then I just thought to myself! "OK you have to stop being selfish" I would admit this from myself if I was alone with my husband. I started to think I also do if for my children so they can have that Christmas spirit too!

Being mommy is very exhausted especially having a toddler and a newborn but I WOUNL…

Coffee Night with Ellie!

Before I became mommy I said lots of things I wouldn't do. Approaching Christmas was especially my biggest debate. "I will make sure I tell my kids there is NO Santa Clause" I would say! My main reason for this idea was because I had been working for a school for almost 4 years and seeing the attitudes, and misbehaved kids I had under my charge had me convinced no Santa Clause for my kids! For Santa to bring your gift one had to behave and respect others.

Now I start to think "but why my children have to clean the dirty dishes because of them?" and its when my debate starts whether I should tell them the truth about this character! Everywhere we go we see him in the mall for example. How can I say it doesn't exist when he can see him right there sitting on a big couch waiting for all these children to pass and take a picture with him.

Growing up as a child MY parents never made a BIG deal about Santa Clause. Gifts always came from Mom and Dad. I was expla…


Hello I just want to wish every single one of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I know everyday we should be thankful for everything we have and do not taking anything for granted. Everyday we should be thankful for what we have and especially we share our things with. Today is another day to be thankful with gathering and spending time with friends and family. Wishing my readers the best of everything.

NOT being lazy...

I am finally coming back to my hobby. I have to admit as much I like being around here writing and sharing what is going on with me I had to back off. First of all I became mother for the second time. I was so excited with my pregnancy that I completely forgot about everything. I am happy to say I am enjoying mommy hood for the second time. Spending time with my little ones and enjoying every minute with my family. Soon I will be going back to reality: going back to work, school and that starts making things different. I wish I did this for a living but I am not, not now I don't have that privilege. I really wish I can compromise and write more often and gain more subscribers, not because I want to become famous but I like to meet new people. Thanks for reading the quick update, please leave a comment love to ready those. Till then

I am BACK!! Quick Update!

Sweet Triguenistas I am back! Its been so long that I haven't logged on here just because I've been really busy! I have so many things to share you with you my readers! I want to convert this blog into a little bit of everything! Not only beauty related stuff but also lifestyle, and mommy blogs!

One of the exciting things I want to share with you I am pregnant with baby #2 and we are super excited! I have so many emotions and feelings. I am also wanting to incorporate vlogging in youtube! the channel is set up already and like I said it would be a little bit of everything! I am super excited to start this new chapter and hope you guys ride along with me<3


Good Evening Sweet Triguenistas! I am back and I am more than happy to be back! Like I had described in my last post this year I have decided to be open to try new products and things. So far the things that I have tried are really inexpensive. I Love going to the dollar store and grab things that catch my attention! I do want to try new things and see difference between the one product and other! Stay tuned and keep checking back :)..I promise to write reviews soon and besides another little surprise to share <3

Dying that Hair Magenta!

Good Evening loves! I am super excited to be back! Like they say New year new me. But this time I am not trying to lose weight which I should be considering! I changed my hair color to something different! I have not dyed my hair ever since before my munchkin was born! the last time I remember dying my hair was 2 weeks before my wedding which was back in 2011..and I had not retouched it because then I became pregnant and then with the whole pregnancy I could not dyed my hair! Well Here I am back after 2 years of doing nothing to my hair!

So lately I have been so hooked on youtube videos! I have been following couple of make up artist and one of them described how she used this hair dye and decided to try it <3
At first I thought it was not going to work! This hair dye has a total different consistency than other brands! When I put it on my hair it was so liquidy I don't know how else to described it! I don't know if it was me that added to much peroxide or it is like this…

New Years Sweet Triguena's Look

Good Evening my lovely Triguenistas! I want to wish my readers, followers a Happy 2014 New Year! I am so happy and excited for this year! I have decided to make some serious changes in my life that I am really looking forward this upcoming year! Well this second post of the year I want to share my new year's look!

Starting off with nails! I used OPI black polish nail and added a glitter coat actually like 2 coats and tried to make it as a ombre kinda look! I tried my best and it came out like this! I should be posting more NOTD looks too.  Second: My make up! The 2 upper pictures are from New Year's eve and the bottom two are from New Years day! One of my goals for this year is to actually wear make-up more often! Ever since I gave birth to my little one I am more focus on him than myself but he is almost turning 2 years old and I am kind of feeling better myself!

I am also opening myself to try new products! And this year I actually want to start using false eyelashes lets s…

Happy New Year 2014!

Hello Sweet Triguenistas! I am so sorry I am so far behind on updating my blog. This is why I have decided to come up with goals for this year. I really miss blogging and miss writing reviews and doing updates lately. Yes I became and mom and thankfully he is 21 months now. I have more time to do stuff not like before.

Goal #1: My first goal is to be more active on my blog. I like interacting with people and meeting new people.

Goal #2: Try to post once or twice a week. I want to do more reviews and I also want to hear more about my followers

Goal#3: I actually want to do my first you tube blogging this year! I still don't know if I would want to make it just about things I actually like or a family blog!

Goal#4: Open officially Sweet Triguenas Fb Like Page
Help me bloggers/ Readers!