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Three, Five and under!

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Back with Three Musketeers!

My last login was about a year ago. Every time I want to continue with my hobby there is always something else to do. A lot can go on in a year of no login for example having another child. Yes is what I call my family of three little boys the Three Musketeers. Wow having 3 children 5 and under is a hassle, and mommies who are in the same shoes as I am will totally understand. I do want to continue being in the blogging community but as some of my readers might know this blog started as a beauty and trying to keep up with some trends. So little by little I want to continue writing and making reviews and all that good stuff. I do think of my blog and returning all the time it's just I have to make this blog one of my priorities also to continue with what I want to achieve.


Good Morning all greetings from this side of the blog :)! I really wish all of you a wonderful 2016. Beginning of the year! Fresh new start! What a way to start all over! Every year we start with a fresh start, Wanting to try new things, setting a few reachable goals. Every year one of my main goals is to connect more into the blogger community!

This year I am looking forward to be more active in my blog. Not necessarily post every day but at least once a week!

Also want to bring more to  my bloggers. More reviews and chances to interact with all of you!

Not only for my blog but also have lots of personal goals. As most of you might now I am a Mommy first of all and a wife! Being there for my family is always my priority!

For me personally keep working in my job and keep going to school! I must say I do have a busy life but I would like to be more active in my blog and my readers!

I am open to suggestions and what you would like to see in my blog! Feel free and send me a message o…

One Focused Momma!

Yes it has been almost a year since I logged in and wrote on my blog! Reality is my hobby has not become my priority! The few relatives that know I have a blog have asked me "Why have you left your hobby behind? Don't you like it anymore? Many woman have families, an outside life and don't leave their hobbies behind!" It is a little bit frustrating because only one knows what is really happening inside your home! This does not mean problems with your family is just sometimes we have so much on our plate sometimes more than we can chew on! Family, house, work, school! All of this requires TIME!!! Yes I wish I could leave some time to keep writing and meet new people that enjoy reading my blogs, and that share the same interest just for meeting new mommies. Currently I am focused on my family which includes two kids under 5 which I love and adore! Then my school proudly to say I am almost done and well work! I love to do other things that involve my family! for example…

Project 52 BLUE

Its been BLUE since our first born! I remember when I was pregnant with my first son I would always say I would change the color for this boy! We are so used to see blue on boys and pink on girls! I wanted green for my first born and change that for a bit! Once he was born some way or another my idea of green fell off the window! Without me noticing little by little I had everything blue! With my second son I didn't even think about having a color for him I just thought blue would be great for him. Let's see what other ideas I get for my third... And no I AM NOT PREGNANT!! But We are planing to expand our family when our boys are a bit bigger ❤️

COVERGIRL #GoBoom Mascara

I RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT, COMPLIMENTARY FOR TESTING PURPOSES THANKS TO INFLUENSTER AND COVERGIRL! When I received the package I opened it and read the card that describes the product! "A new soft set formula with natural beeswax to provide buildable volume that doesn't go on wet or set hard. The formula delivers full, soft lashes that resist flaking."
This is my main problem with different mascaras I have personally used! At the end of the day under  my eyes are usually flaky. I was wondering if this products would be the same!

I can honestly say I loved this product instantly! I applied the first coat of mascara it was really smooth, I have really small eyelashes but with the short and long bristles from the brush all my eyelashes were coated very well! This product is estimated to cost around $6.99-$8.99 depending the stores! Let your lashes BLOOM with EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL! COVERGIRL!!
Once again thank you Influenster and COVERGIRL for the Product for testing purposes!

Project 52 Guilty Pleasure

Ever since I was pregnant with my second child I would always crave coffee. I never had it while I was pregnant because of my baby, my health and because of the caffeine. 
When I was single and even when my husband and I got married I never had the anxiety or necessity of making myself a coffee. It was only once in a blue moon when I actually drank one! 
Now things are a little different! I will not put any excuse because I think is my own will to drink or not drink a cup of coffee! But I have noticed that I do drink coffee more often than before! 
Now that I am trying to watch what I eat and drink it is a bit hard for me because I have stopped drinking everything that has sugar and the other day I tried drinking it without sugar and I could say I'll never drink that again... 
...and this I could say lately has been my guilty pleasure!