Munchkins Bday Party Post

Hello and Good Morning Triguenistas!! Ive missed blogging and reading your comments which I really appreciate :D

Usually I wont be posting things about my personal life but I am super excited as a mommy. My lil one is turning 1...Can you imagine?? His first year of life...I am in love with life, my family, the poeple that surrounds me, supports me, he made me look at my life way differently..ok ok ok...I know I am a sentimental mom..that's just the way I am lol :,D

Ok so I am planning his 1 Bday party BUT is not till April :(... WHY??? Because I am planning both his baptism and bday and they only had till April..And with economical situations I rather save and do 2 in 1..So this is what I have so far :D

I am doing The Mickey Mouse 1St Birthday Theme. Just because he is in LOVE with Mickey. He loves to watch the shows and stays there really calm and starts dancing to the "Hot Dog Dance" lol...Its sooo CUTE!


I have the Table Cloth, Invitations, Bib, and High Chair Decorations

I bought the Goodie bags for both girls and boys just because some little kids are sooo peeky about having a pink/blue bag..I'm avoiding the drama lol

Helium balloons

 I just did this morning. I bought the candle at a dollar store and added a baby Mickey cut-out. I liked the way it turned out...

I also got the girls these...They light up at night how cool is it...and for boys I will be having some little bday hats with mickey ears attached..
I will be making the center pieces myself. It is going to have lots of goodies so guests can just take the little bucket home and enjoy all the goodies :)

What can I say...My husband and I had agreed on not having a party for his first bday but I think about it and How can't I....He's my first baby, I am sooo happy and excited, so I decided on a YES.. We just couldn't had anything for him :)....As soon as I am done with the center pieces I'll let you know how they came out :) till then....Ohhh Toddles!!!!

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