2nd V- Day N.O.T.D

Hello Triguenistas!! First of all I want to welcome my new followers! Thank you for following my blog :D I really really appreciate it <3...

Well another NOTD Sunday triguenistas! I am not going to lie lol! I did them last night while baby and hubby were asleep!

Both Products by OPI
Sealed with a Krish is by the Kardashian Collection
and La Paz-itively HOT (LOVE this pink)
<<<< I used the dot tool to do the little hearts on my ring finger
1. Start off with three little dots
2. Conect right and left dot with the bottom dot
3.try to give it form as a heart shape <3


And wooaallaaaaa...This is the result... I have to admit that my left hand fingers were total disaster but i tried my best lol...best bet is to ask someone to help you lol....
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  1. Cute design having the hearts on the ring finger! I'm right handed so I always struggle doing nail art using my left hand lol xo

  2. Hi Great blog :)
    do you want to follow each other ?


  3. Very cute designs!

    xx Christal xx

  4. lovely nails:)X



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