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Dying that Hair Magenta!

Good Evening loves! I am super excited to be back! Like they say New year new me. But this time I am not trying to lose weight which I should be considering! I changed my hair color to something different! I have not dyed my hair ever since before my munchkin was born! the last time I remember dying my hair was 2 weeks before my wedding which was back in 2011..and I had not retouched it because then I became pregnant and then with the whole pregnancy I could not dyed my hair! Well Here I am back after 2 years of doing nothing to my hair!

So lately I have been so hooked on youtube videos! I have been following couple of make up artist and one of them described how she used this hair dye and decided to try it <3
At first I thought it was not going to work! This hair dye has a total different consistency than other brands! When I put it on my hair it was so liquidy I don't know how else to described it! I don't know if it was me that added to much peroxide or it is like this…

New Years Sweet Triguena's Look

Good Evening my lovely Triguenistas! I want to wish my readers, followers a Happy 2014 New Year! I am so happy and excited for this year! I have decided to make some serious changes in my life that I am really looking forward this upcoming year! Well this second post of the year I want to share my new year's look!

Starting off with nails! I used OPI black polish nail and added a glitter coat actually like 2 coats and tried to make it as a ombre kinda look! I tried my best and it came out like this! I should be posting more NOTD looks too.  Second: My make up! The 2 upper pictures are from New Year's eve and the bottom two are from New Years day! One of my goals for this year is to actually wear make-up more often! Ever since I gave birth to my little one I am more focus on him than myself but he is almost turning 2 years old and I am kind of feeling better myself!

I am also opening myself to try new products! And this year I actually want to start using false eyelashes lets s…

Happy New Year 2014!

Hello Sweet Triguenistas! I am so sorry I am so far behind on updating my blog. This is why I have decided to come up with goals for this year. I really miss blogging and miss writing reviews and doing updates lately. Yes I became and mom and thankfully he is 21 months now. I have more time to do stuff not like before.

Goal #1: My first goal is to be more active on my blog. I like interacting with people and meeting new people.

Goal #2: Try to post once or twice a week. I want to do more reviews and I also want to hear more about my followers

Goal#3: I actually want to do my first you tube blogging this year! I still don't know if I would want to make it just about things I actually like or a family blog!

Goal#4: Open officially Sweet Triguenas Fb Like Page
Help me bloggers/ Readers!