This weekend of good-bye

This Saturday was the last day for my mother in law to stay here with her family. It was time to leave to El Salvador where my husbands' family is from. It was really sad for them to see her go. After staying for almost three months the biggest joy was that she got to spend time with her family and mostly spend time with all the grand children including meeting our little one.
It was so nice to see she was super excited to meet our lil one for the first time. He is the only little boy in between of 4 little girls. So he is literally the only boy lol... It was super cute..
 We spend so much time together catching up and just talking it was nice to talk to her in person more than chat. We all get to talk and share thoughts and ideas..

This is my little munchkin. It was funny a random guy just saw us and started yelling "DODGERS" lol I had not notice my son and I were wearing our Dodger sweaters lol... Daddy is the only one that doesn't really go for them so that is why he was NOT included in the picture lol...

I am super excited now that I have decided to keep this only blog for all in 1 blog. I was thinking of making a new blog for my family but I'll just add it here. I get to share a lot of things that I been thinking for the other blog. I just don't want to be jumping from one blog to the other.

Well let me know any ideas and thoughts you have I would like to hear from you :)
Till Then Toodles....