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This year I have decided to post my blogging goals for this year! Just because other years I write them down and... Really I do not do anything, I've been thinking maybe if I post it I will be more committed to do them! I am a girl that is shy and doesn't really like to get out of her comfort zone.. This year 2014 I personally have learned that I am not here to please other people by the way I am, think or act! I am here I am Me, Myself and I... It is always good to be a little selfish sometimes and do what you are pleased. My point of this is because I want to try new things.
Blogging goals for 2015
☑️record first YouTube video ☑️post outfits of the day ☑️motivate myself/self Love ☑️grow my blog ♥️ ☑️be more active in my blog ☑️meet new people/blogging community  ☑️showcase photography (better my skills) ☑️be more organized ☑️share my blogs in my social media including my personal page ☑️be more active in other blogs
At the beginning of every year we also as a family like to set goals fo…

NOTW: Mommy Time

It's so hard for me to get back to my routine.. Now that I have two children I think more of them rather than myself. But the other day I was thinking of what color to paint my nails. I wanted another color besides red! Because during these holiday seasons red and gold are the most common during this time of year. I thought of let it snow song! In my vision I thought of a Blue or Navy blue nails and ring finger nail white! For some reason, I found this blue and glitter nail polishes.. While I was painting my nails and both of my kids sleeping Painting and letting my nails dry one at a time because I was afraid one of my kids was going to wake up LOL, I thought to myself this is my version of Elsa nails! It reminded me of her for some reason! Not only my toddler is obsessed with Frozen but apparently I am too..

Christmas Tree finally up!

So is that one time of year almost everyone is excited for Christmas or the Holidays! This year I was not feeling so Christmasy I would say! Just to think I just had a baby which he is 7 weeks young and a toddler that wants everything and I thought maybe is not a good idea for me to put the tree this year. but then again I've been seeing so many Christmas movies and everywhere we (my family) go I see the tree up. I have to admit I felt I was being a little Grinch this year!

I have never felt this way before. In my house I have always been the one wanting to put everything up. There are time that I think to myself what has happen to me this year! I just feel exhausted. Then I just thought to myself! "OK you have to stop being selfish" I would admit this from myself if I was alone with my husband. I started to think I also do if for my children so they can have that Christmas spirit too!

Being mommy is very exhausted especially having a toddler and a newborn but I WOUNL…

Coffee Night with Ellie!

Before I became mommy I said lots of things I wouldn't do. Approaching Christmas was especially my biggest debate. "I will make sure I tell my kids there is NO Santa Clause" I would say! My main reason for this idea was because I had been working for a school for almost 4 years and seeing the attitudes, and misbehaved kids I had under my charge had me convinced no Santa Clause for my kids! For Santa to bring your gift one had to behave and respect others.

Now I start to think "but why my children have to clean the dirty dishes because of them?" and its when my debate starts whether I should tell them the truth about this character! Everywhere we go we see him in the mall for example. How can I say it doesn't exist when he can see him right there sitting on a big couch waiting for all these children to pass and take a picture with him.

Growing up as a child MY parents never made a BIG deal about Santa Clause. Gifts always came from Mom and Dad. I was expla…