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Quick Post

Hello and Good Morning my sweet triguenistas! Thanks for stopping by and take a minute of your busy schedule to visit me ;D I will be writing about some stuff I did over the weekend! Which I know it already passed :D first things first

I have to tell you about the Montagne Jeunesse Pulped pomegranate Passion Peel off..
Step 1: Wash your face
Step 2: Apply the masque
Step 3: Relax 15-20 mins
Step 4: Peel Off

what it does? (This is what the package says) "Pulped pomegranate passion flower raspberry, grape, cranberry and vitamin E are anti oxidants that help protect skin while pores get a deep clean  peel-off"

I personally love this masques! They make my skin look better than before :D...This one I couldn't smell the pomegranate and all the berries, I would of prefer the smell a little more stronger! This masque doesn't make your skin feel really tight like others! I really liked it


YES YES! My lil fam was going for 49ERS... They lost :( but it…

Meanwhile in the valley...

HELLO my Triguenistas!! I missed you sooo much! I just want to once again welcome my new followers! Thank you soo much for your support and for subscribe to my blog..Thank you very much :D...

I live in the SF Valley and during the weekends I hate being home... I do really and Its sooo boring when I do lol... Well this weekend I visited a mall near me and well I kinda went shopping :/ lol
I am a Chicana girl, born in Cali and parents from Mexico I am not afraid or embarrassed to let you know where I came from I like to keep it real. So you could know a little bit more about myself, I am into Chicano art and all that good stuff. I used to shop a lot on this store bcuz they would carry these types of shirts, but now they renamed it or something went on and renamed the store.. The point is that I shopped this:

They had a special If you bought a shirt the other one would have a 20% off. So I bought 2 Regular price is 24.00 and the other one came out to 19.22

 I am really into sugar skulls,…