Meanwhile in the valley...

HELLO my Triguenistas!! I missed you sooo much! I just want to once again welcome my new followers! Thank you soo much for your support and for subscribe to my blog..Thank you very much :D...

I live in the SF Valley and during the weekends I hate being home... I do really and Its sooo boring when I do lol... Well this weekend I visited a mall near me and well I kinda went shopping :/ lol
I am a Chicana girl, born in Cali and parents from Mexico I am not afraid or embarrassed to let you know where I came from I like to keep it real. So you could know a little bit more about myself, I am into Chicano art and all that good stuff. I used to shop a lot on this store bcuz they would carry these types of shirts, but now they renamed it or something went on and renamed the store.. The point is that I shopped this:

They had a special If you bought a shirt the other one would have a 20% off. So I bought 2
Regular price is 24.00 and the other one came out to 19.22

 I am really into sugar skulls, and love this shirt. The other one is just classy specially with Marilyn Monroe love that chick! one of my inspirational, motivational woman. I just love this place and their shirts! (I paid for these Items no one is paying me to write this)

Another place I visited was ROSS...
I got myself :

I am not a basketball Fan but once in a while I like to support L.A.regular price 28.00 and Ross Price was 14.99 Not bad to be official Merchandise.
Its always good to find some sales... how do you try to keep up with your style clothing? discount stores, brand stores, vintage stores? let me know?? I love to read your comments! Always make me smile :) Read each other later..till then...toddles<3


  1. Such cute tees. Your blog is so cute. Can't wait for more posts xo


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