First HAUL

Hello fellow readers and HAPPY SUNDAY!! So this is my first Haul I ever make.. Recently I am thinking about trying new products since I want to get out of my comfort zone and try new stuff to review and let my readers know about them! Ok so this weekend I bought stuff from Walgreens, Target, and a General Discount Store.

1. NYX Eye Shadow Base $5.99
2. NYX Dramatic Sparkle $5.99
3. NYX Matte Lipstick Natural $3.99
All Products on my hand.
For me these are all new products I'll be testing an soon will complete a review about them. So far I like the matte lipstick I am used to the lip glosses and I really don't wear lipstick. But now I am noticing that when I wear makeup I don't really like my lips to be naked, so I am going to try and add some color to it :D..
Bic: I have always used the Venus Razors But now I am going to try the Bic and see the difference of it.
Bic Soleil: $5.79
Satin care: $0.97 (first time trying it)
Secret $3.59
(LOVE IT! Its my favorite, I have tried other brands and don't like them. Most of them for the same reason: They are too dry for me)
St Ives $0.97 (First time trying it)
Montagne Jennesse: 2/$3.00
First time trying out these. I have heard they are really good!
ill be writing a review of all these products soon! Remember to leave your comments..I love to read them :)..till then toodles!!


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