Its Summer!!!

Hello and Good morning hunnys... How is everyone's summer coming along? Well let me tell you about my experience as a first time walker baby mom. Last year this time my son was 4 months...all he did was sleep, eat, and poop literally!! Now almost 16 months you could only imagine. Up and down, walking, running, pointing, crying, eating, pooping, wanting things, tantrums, and much more. But even like that I couldn't imagine my life without him! He is such a wonderful little person that stole my heart since day 1. Anyhow I haven't updated this blog in a while. and I have no excuse its just that my baby needs me more than ever and this is why I have decided to also blog about my adventures with my little family. Mostly for when he grows up I can share these with him <3...

This past week this is what I have been doing...besides cooking and cleaning and doing some errands. Lately it has become walks to the park and having mini pool activities with my son and husband. While he is helping me with our sun I read to that Cosmo magazine That I LOVE!!!

It has been a really Hot week and it doesn't get any better. Today we woke up to a cloudy and sprinkling weather which it makes things just worst!

Soon I'll be posting my monthly favorites to share with you and let you know why they are my favorites.


  1. Muy interesante

  2. I know what you mean I live in central California and the weather is just awful. It's terribly hot and humid, but at the same time it's all cloudy today. Anyways nice post!


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