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Hello and Good Morning my sweet triguenistas! Thanks for stopping by and take a minute of your busy schedule to visit me ;D I will be writing about some stuff I did over the weekend! Which I know it already passed :D first things first

I have to tell you about the Montagne Jeunesse Pulped pomegranate Passion Peel off..
Step 1: Wash your face
Step 2: Apply the masque
Step 3: Relax 15-20 mins
Step 4: Peel Off

what it does? (This is what the package says) "Pulped pomegranate passion flower raspberry, grape, cranberry and vitamin E are anti oxidants that help protect skin while pores get a deep clean  peel-off"

I personally love this masques! They make my skin look better than before :D...This one I couldn't smell the pomegranate and all the berries, I would of prefer the smell a little more stronger! This masque doesn't make your skin feel really tight like others! I really liked it


YES YES! My lil fam was going for 49ERS... They lost :( but its ok... There's always next year, we will be waiting for them :) meanwhile this is my Make-up of the day.. I have to admit I DO understand the game but I am easily distracted lol..While my hubby was watching the game I was doing my make-up:)
Triguenistas here I leave you with my connections..Lets get Connected and keep up with each other! Stay Tuned for my YouTube. I still don't know if I'll be doing it with someone else or all by myself..What do you think? Leave me your comments and let me know:D
Till then Toddles


  1. i love the feeling of peeling those masks off! hee hee!

    great blog x

  2. I love that mask!! They smell so yummy!! And love your eye look dear, very nice!! Cute blog as well :)

  3. Nice Blog :)
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  4. cute blog!


  5. That's one of my favourite face masks! :)
    Just found your blog & I'm now following, I'd really appreciate if you could check out my blog and maybe follow back!
    Louise, xo


  6. I've always wanted to try one of those masks! I love your banner too, new follower here!


  7. Hi! I've tagged you in a new beauty tag :)

    See it here:


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