Where Have I been?

Where Have You been at? Well nice question to ask :-)...
Hello Triguenistas and welcome once again to my blog! I want to take a second and Thank all of my visitors and people that have commented on my blog! THANKS A BUNCH!

Well I been up and down now that I am in vacations! I love to take some time off from school and work and just be with my little family!  I really want to present my family to you, but that will come soon! I also want to start Vlogging! Its just kind of hard because I am a really shy person and sometimes is hard to take criticisms that I am not used to.  Well where Have I been you may ask? I been mostly going to Long Beach all this time because my mother in law is in town now :)..We are glad she has met our little bundle of joy which he is 15 months already! Unbelievable how time sure flies. I also want to be blogging more often during this time that I am off from work. Sure every time my lil munchkin lets me.

I have so many ideas that I want to do and create for my blog lets just see if I get to do it..
Well hope to write soon!
P.S. Before I forget if you have any ideas for my blog please let me know! I want to interact more with my readers!

Thanks Loves