Coffee Night with Ellie!

Before I became mommy I said lots of things I wouldn't do. Approaching Christmas was especially my biggest debate. "I will make sure I tell my kids there is NO Santa Clause" I would say! My main reason for this idea was because I had been working for a school for almost 4 years and seeing the attitudes, and misbehaved kids I had under my charge had me convinced no Santa Clause for my kids! For Santa to bring your gift one had to behave and respect others.

Now I start to think "but why my children have to clean the dirty dishes because of them?" and its when my debate starts whether I should tell them the truth about this character! Everywhere we go we see him in the mall for example. How can I say it doesn't exist when he can see him right there sitting on a big couch waiting for all these children to pass and take a picture with him.

Growing up as a child MY parents never made a BIG deal about Santa Clause. Gifts always came from Mom and Dad. I was explained at a very young age that Christmas was about Spirit and not necessarily receiving presents! Now my big question is should I tell my kids there is a Santa Clause or not? Seeing my toddler a 2 year old boy seeing movies about this Character and pointing and saying "mommy mommy sana sana" I don't know what to say to him.

Seeing my toddler actually liking this guy and seeing all his innocence believing in this Character bringing presents to all the children around the world I feel I would be shattering his vision. Then again I think how small he is but very intelligent toddler!

Maybe I am just exaggerating much about this believe or not. I just want to make my children's have a fun childhood. I also want to teach them the real meaning of Christmas in my point of view. Any mommas going through the same thing? How are you handling it? Leave your comments below! I love to read them...Till then toddles!