This year I have decided to post my blogging goals for this year! Just because other years I write them down and... Really I do not do anything, I've been thinking maybe if I post it I will be more committed to do them! I am a girl that is shy and doesn't really like to get out of her comfort zone.. This year 2014 I personally have learned that I am not here to please other people by the way I am, think or act! I am here I am Me, Myself and I... It is always good to be a little selfish sometimes and do what you are pleased. My point of this is because I want to try new things.

Blogging goals for 2015

☑️record first YouTube video
☑️post outfits of the day
☑️motivate myself/self Love
☑️grow my blog ♥️
☑️be more active in my blog
☑️meet new people/blogging community 
☑️showcase photography (better my skills)
☑️be more organized
☑️share my blogs in my social media including my personal page
☑️be more active in other blogs

At the beginning of every year we also as a family like to set goals for the upcoming year! Do you have something you do at the beginning  of the year? 


  1. Awesome goals! Come join us on YouTube soon!! I truly enjoy making videos...sometimes even more than blogging. I too need to get more active on my blog and get more involved in the blogging community.

    1. Thank you...I have to some products to review I think it might be the perfect time for my first upload. Im not going to lie I'm kinda nervous.. Lol

  2. Those are some great goals. I think you're going to have a great year of growing. :-)

  3. Great goals...mostly because I have the same ones! Blogging is such a magical thing when you learn, grow and connect with other women from all of the world. Next week my blog will be starting a Project 52 link up where you can come and get some photography tips and link up your photos for the week. I think it would help you with your goals, photography and building new friends in the blogging community!

    1. Yes you are right... Its soo fun and its also an opportunity for frequent blogging. Thank you for the suggestion I will be participating :)


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