Project 52 Guilty Pleasure

Ever since I was pregnant with my second child I would always crave coffee. I never had it while I was pregnant because of my baby, my health and because of the caffeine. 

When I was single and even when my husband and I got married I never had the anxiety or necessity of making myself a coffee. It was only once in a blue moon when I actually drank one! 

Now things are a little different! I will not put any excuse because I think is my own will to drink or not drink a cup of coffee! But I have noticed that I do drink coffee more often than before! 

Now that I am trying to watch what I eat and drink it is a bit hard for me because I have stopped drinking everything that has sugar and the other day I tried drinking it without sugar and I could say I'll never drink that again... 

...and this I could say lately has been my guilty pleasure! 


  1. I love coffee. I love Starbucks. I feel guilty that i have a Starbucks budget! Yes I have a problem.....

  2. Oh the coffee. I'm not a Starbuck fan, I'm a Dunkin girl but the guilty pleasure runs deep....into my pockets!!


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