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Christmas Tree finally up!

So is that one time of year almost everyone is excited for Christmas or the Holidays! This year I was not feeling so Christmasy I would say! Just to think I just had a baby which he is 7 weeks young and a toddler that wants everything and I thought maybe is not a good idea for me to put the tree this year. but then again I've been seeing so many Christmas movies and everywhere we (my family) go I see the tree up. I have to admit I felt I was being a little Grinch this year!

I have never felt this way before. In my house I have always been the one wanting to put everything up. There are time that I think to myself what has happen to me this year! I just feel exhausted. Then I just thought to myself! "OK you have to stop being selfish" I would admit this from myself if I was alone with my husband. I started to think I also do if for my children so they can have that Christmas spirit too!

Being mommy is very exhausted especially having a toddler and a newborn but I WOUNL NOT trade it for anything. For me is a very rewarding to have two precious little boys. They keep me motivated to keep myself doing things like these.

This Christmas will be Double the fun!



  1. Merry Christmas. I'm always exhausted, but life is always FULL! #BLOGMA <3


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