One Focused Momma!

Yes it has been almost a year since I logged in and wrote on my blog! Reality is my hobby has not become my priority! The few relatives that know I have a blog have asked me "Why have you left your hobby behind? Don't you like it anymore? Many woman have families, an outside life and don't leave their hobbies behind!" It is a little bit frustrating because only one knows what is really happening inside your home! This does not mean problems with your family is just sometimes we have so much on our plate sometimes more than we can chew on! Family, house, work, school! All of this requires TIME!!! Yes I wish I could leave some time to keep writing and meet new people that enjoy reading my blogs, and that share the same interest just for meeting new mommies. Currently I am focused on my family which includes two kids under 5 which I love and adore! Then my school proudly to say I am almost done and well work! I love to do other things that involve my family! for example I am practicing my photography which is one of my favorite hobbies I just feel blogging has been a little hard for me lately but I know is only matter of time!