NOTW: Mommy Time

It's so hard for me to get back to my routine.. Now that I have two children I think more of them rather than myself. But the other day I was thinking of what color to paint my nails. I wanted another color besides red! Because during these holiday seasons red and gold are the most common during this time of year. I thought of let it snow song! In my vision I thought of a Blue or Navy blue nails and ring finger nail white! For some reason, I found this blue and glitter nail polishes.. While I was painting my nails and both of my kids sleeping Painting and letting my nails dry one at a time because I was afraid one of my kids was going to wake up LOL, I thought to myself this is my version of Elsa nails! It reminded me of her for some reason! Not only my toddler is obsessed with Frozen but apparently I am too..


  1. Love your nails. Love that you thought of Elsa from frozen when you were doing them. I would have too my three year old has to watch it every day. I subscribed to your blog. Will you look and maybe subscribe to mine?

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  3. good for you for taking time out for yourself!!


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