Good Morning all greetings from this side of the blog :)! I really wish all of you a wonderful 2016. Beginning of the year! Fresh new start! What a way to start all over! Every year we start with a fresh start, Wanting to try new things, setting a few reachable goals. Every year one of my main goals is to connect more into the blogger community!

This year I am looking forward to be more active in my blog. Not necessarily post every day but at least once a week!

Also want to bring more to  my bloggers. More reviews and chances to interact with all of you!

Not only for my blog but also have lots of personal goals. As most of you might now I am a Mommy first of all and a wife! Being there for my family is always my priority!

For me personally keep working in my job and keep going to school! I must say I do have a busy life but I would like to be more active in my blog and my readers!

I am open to suggestions and what you would like to see in my blog! Feel free and send me a message or an email! Don't be a stranger!


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