Project 52 BLUE

Its been BLUE since our first born! I remember when I was pregnant with my first son I would always say I would change the color for this boy! We are so used to see blue on boys and pink on girls! I wanted green for my first born and change that for a bit! Once he was born some way or another my idea of green fell off the window! Without me noticing little by little I had everything blue! With my second son I didn't even think about having a color for him I just thought blue would be great for him. Let's see what other ideas I get for my third... And no I AM NOT PREGNANT!! But We are planing to expand our family when our boys are a bit bigger ❤️


  1. I have a twinge of baby fever and those little hands are making it worse!!

    i followed your blog, please follow back.

  3. great blog dear!
    happy new year!

    would you like to follow each other on GFC & G+? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it.


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