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Hello my is everyone doing? Its been a really long time since I left my blog. But don't worry I'm back and hopefully this time is for a long time. I have so much to tell you but ill be brief so you wont get bored reading and reading! So here we go!!

As you might see I changed my background and added a banner! I was soo excited cuz I did it all by myself because baby is sleeping lol...:D

Mommy Adventures...
So if you followed me through Classy Addiction you knew I was Prego and I updated about my munchkin! Sooo Guess what? My munchkin is 6 months already! What can I say I am the luckiest mom ever lol (I think ever mom thinks that about themselves and their children) I love him and seriously I don't know what I would of my life be without him. He sits by himself, started eating solids and well healthy as he could be.

Ever since my munchkin was born, I decided to go back to school. Yes I am back to school and majoring on Child Development. I have to admit that he is my motivation to keep on going. Thank you my munchkin :)...

I Love blogging and being busy all day doesn't let me update as much as I would want to.. But I am determined to write and for you to follow me and keep reading my blogs :)...

For now this is it my readers!

P.S Also I want to thank my new followers and the subscribers that have nominated me to blog awards THANK YOU very much...I really appreciate it.. You know who you are and soon I'll post the blogs that nominated me! Thanks once again



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