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Hello Hunny's.. First I want to thank all the people that have followed me on my blog.. I feel so grateful my blog is standing once again :D thanks to all of you who are following me:)... Ok so I did a nails of the day and I hope you guys like it:) You are more than welcome to post and leave your feedback..Remember that I DO NOT get paid from these companies just want to make things clear unless I state it..I have bought all these products with my own money OK so lets do this

My title for this NOTD Blue Sea Nails (LOL) I applied "Kendall on the Katwalk" from the Kardashian Kollection from Nicole OPI... I applied 2 coats to make the blue look darker on nails except for the ring finger nail..In that finger I applied the "Khloe had a little Lam Lam" Also from the Kardashian Kollection of Nicole OPI...Then I applied a little Turtle with the stamping kit

Let me tell you I found this product in BIG LOTS here in California....for $6.50 I believe its a As Shown at TV type of product! You do have to kinda practice first for the little design to come out nice...

It comes with 5 different plates with cute little designs!


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