New and FINAL change blog

Hello Hunnys! I want to welcome you once again to my new blog! I've been having a lot of issues with my other blogs and I just want to start fresh and be Drama free!! I am really sorry for all the inconvenience of my party with My first blog Classy Addiction Then My Sparkling Journey now this one! I am really sorry and I hope I can finally keep my readers! I know I write and make blogs because I want to and that's my choice but I also want to be able to keep up and be loyal to my readers! Thanks once again!
Lotz of love


  1. that is too bad about your old blog! but i bet it wont be a problem to get back up on your feet!

  2. Hi there, stumbled upon your blog from beautylish. I do follow blogs, please follow me back. You gain a new reader here! ;)

  3. Came across your blog from beautylish! I have just started my first ever blog so please follow me back! I am so excited to start and meet so many new people in the beauty world! Xoxo EM

  4. @Emilie whats your blogs URL?? Ill follow you :D


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